When you outgrow your good luck token…

When you outgrow your good luck token…


Though I don’t necessarily practice or personally celebrate Lunar New Year, I have a few friends that do. 


In 2019, one of my friends who celebrates and is very well educated about Lunar New Year told me that I needed to be prepared for 2019. In order to help reflect the bad energy that would come my way, she encouraged me to wear red and gold every single day. 


I might not celebrate Lunar New Year, but I do believe in signs and omens. Taking any spiritualness out of omen in case the word itself bothers you, an omen is just defined as a prophetic significance. I took what my friend said seriously and began my search for my good luck and bad energy deflecting token. 


Thankfully, many of the jewelry pieces I wear are tokens or have meaning for something. I tend to wear the same exact pieces each day and rarely remove them. I decided I would purchase a gold and ruby ring, ruby being my birthstone made perfect sense for the red that is needed. What better bad energy reflection than your birth stone, the biggest celebration someone can have!??!


I’m going to leave a huge chunk of this story out and fast forward to this past Friday, January 28, 2022. My dad and I were walking back from our lunch date after we practiced yoga together and I went to open my computer after getting back to the yoga studio to then notice my ring was gone. 


My ring fit perfectly, there was no way it fell off. It’s not normal for me to lose things. I might be messy, but I know where everything is especially things of significance. My dad helped me walk all over Sugar Land Town Square to look for it. We traced our steps, we searched the restaurant, we walked and walked and walked. My ring was still gone, and the red indent of where it normally sat was still on my finger as if it just vanished with no trace.  


I felt like my luck ran out, I was devastated and texted my husband only for him to say, “it’s time to upgrade your luck, you don’t need it anymore.” To me then telling him he’s a psycho and that ring meant so much to me. 


Jumping back to 2019, it was truly the year from hell. The year of my dad’s accident. The year of PTSD. The year of breaking up with family members. What it really was: It was the year my dad lived. That’s the significance of my ring.


True story: I have the shoes that I wore every day to the hospital to visit my dad on display in my closet. They have a hole in them and I can’t bring myself to get rid of them. My ring is my bad energy deflection and my shoes are my reality check of Mememto Mori (the Latin meaning of “remember you will die”), because life is about both. Luck and reality. Prophecy and presence. Life and death. In 2019, my dad had both. 


When my dad and I were searching for my ring he said, “Your ring didn’t bring you much luck if I got into a motorcycle accident” to which I responded, “You lived didn’t you!?!?”


He said “Good point.” HA!


That night when I was telling Kyle, my husband, what happened his reminder of me outgrowing my luck came up again. He said wouldn’t the best time for me to lose my ring be after my dad and I did a yoga class together, walked to lunch, walk back, and then walk around and around and around.  My ring gave me exactly what I wanted. 

I’m not saying you need a bad energy deflecting token or to wear red and gold every day. I’m telling you not to be disappointed when your luck is gone, because you probably got your wish. 


As we grow we can’t expect our old rituals, luck, tokens, and prayers to work the same way. We have to make the courageous choice to get a little vulnerable and be willing to shed the old so that we can upgrade. 

(Photo: My Dad and I after class on Friday at lunch in our matching YESyoga gear. I went to look back at this picture and realized my ring was covered up by my margarita. No token needed, when the person you wished for is right beside you.)  

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