Tomorrow You Does The Most

We get busy. We have more important things to do. We all decide at one very particular moment, as we are driving home and our fuel light comes on in our car, today is not the day - tomorrow is. Tomorrow me will wake up early and get gas. Tomorrow me will finish hanging up the pictures in our hallway. Tomorrow me will do meal prep. Tomorrow me lifts weights for 90 minutes. Tomorrow me sounds like a superhero that is going to do the impossible, and I’m not sure why I think I’m her. That’s the thing about tomorrow me, she always waits until tomorrow.


What is she going to do for herself today? What is she waiting around for? Who is she waiting on?

Today, I will stop waiting around and be who I am.

 To be productive means to prioritize. So do it, today! Pick three things you know you need to do, write them down, and do them. Stop waiting around. Tell yourself “Today, I will (insert things),” and then go do them.


f you keep choosing tomorrow you, you’ll never say YES to today’s you. Say YES to you, today and every day. Make the choice to do that thing that you said you were going to do, because you know if you rely on tomorrow’s you to get gas in the morning, you’ll just end up being disappointed by your past self’s decision.


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