The surprising science of why venting just makes sh*t worse...

Fun Fact: Screaming the word “f*ck” isn’t going to actually help you feel better.

aaaaand…..I’m doomed. 

Okay, so YOU know how YOU sometimes visualize pinching someone’s head off of their body because they are driving YOU nuts - to be clear this is about YOU, not me….from all the capital letters….

Whether you call your person, your friend, or have that whole conversation with yourself in the shower about how f*cking annoying that co-worker, the person who cut you off on the way home, orrrrrr your kid that got a 50% on their report card (for the record that was NOT my kid, but an example - however I am not saying it couldn't happen) yeah, none of that is actually helpful. 

Ready for a cold hard don’t want to be true fact? You’re not I know, but it’s coming.

A recent study has shown “blowing off steam” or venting doesn’t actually make you feel better. 

Well, f*ck we all said together….

As a yoga teacher, I understand the body mechanics of this and it does make sense. However, I was also surprised to learn that in that same study it also said that “activities like jogging, swimming and hitting a bag when used to try to dissipate anger were found ot make it worse because they increased arousal, which in turn heped to reinforce feelings of frustration.” Also, what the f*ck - who knew?!?!

I think what got me all confused and 🤔, because I’ve heard you should totally do cardio if you’re burnout because of cognitive processing and your nervous system.

BING - there’s the key…

When you’re pissed, your nervous system and adrenal glands go cray cray and you’re body starts looking for some sort of action to take, while you may go on a long run or go to ax throwing your body also goes through physiological changes. The problem is also the difference between the stress and the stressor. 

If you only process the physical stress, the psychological stress could still be there and this study says that you may actually have a more angry reaction the next time this same stressor happens, even though you might physically feel better. 

The study also said that cardio could also exhasterbate your anger due to increased heart rate - so don’t even bother just saying “I’m going for a run to help cool myself down.” That doesn’t do sh*t apparently. (Hot tip: I hate running so I’m totally on board with this eventhough I’m exceedingly biased. And, to be honest the study was somewhat inconclusive and as a non-expert non-scientist…since I don’t like running, that means it’s totally 100% fact.) Note: please understand that was sarcasm JUST in case someone didn’t get it.  

So, in other words - don’t workout until you throw up, don’t throw your phone across the room because it’s most likely going to break and then you’ll be really pissed. Come to yoga instead! 

But in all honestly and based on this study, you are more likely to help your anger dissipate if you practice mindfulness, deep breathing, or some sort of other calming activity like meditation.

It’s science, book your next class at YES. 

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