The Anti-Trend

The Anti-Trend

Have you heard of “The Anti-Trend?” It’s a term that definitely sits in the wheelhouse of fashion, however, I think it’s seriously pertinent to any aspect of our lives.

The Anti-Trend is described as: pieces that feel cool and stylish, but have a timeless, trendless quality about them that puts them outside of the rapid trend cycle. These are pieces that will remain in style this week, this month, this season, and for many years ahead.

Let’s talk fitness fads…

We are talking vibrating belts, the bowflex, Peloton, Shake Weights, Sketchers Toning Shoes, and the GOAT of fitness trends (in my opinion) Jane Fonda. There are probably hundreds more we can all name, but you get the point. 

In Fashion you have to spend serious money to keep up with the latest and greatest trends, yes, even if you are purchasing from places like Shein. Nothing against the shake weight or goat yoga, but what if you focused on the movement practice that actually made most sense and feels good in your body. (I really hope it’s yoga at YESyoga.)

As great as it is to be the cool studio doing all the fancy things with all the fancy tricks, what if we just focused on the anti-trend: a sustainable movement practice. This practice you can show up and give 110% or 2%, or both! One day you can jump to the top of your mat, and one day you just lay down because at least you showed up, or you skip class because you know we’ll be here for you the next day when you’re ready! You’re yoga practice is different every single day, lean in. 

That’s what we’re about. 

So yeah, while I love a platform heel…it’s not going to be my new everyday shoe, and knowing my body - I look like a toddler in an oversized blazer… How does all of this translate to movement? I run when I need to make a huge shift in my mood, like serious stuck energy and I run and run and run and usually sprint it out at the end. For everyday, I strength train, I pilates, and I yoga. These are all practices that are sustainable, easily adapted to my mood and stand the test of time - not trendy. 

Think about when you lean in to trends or you opt out. Just remember the choice is always yours and do what’s best for you - even if it maybe skinny jeans or side parts, or cropped tops and mom jeans. You do your thing!


Things we are seeing trending in yoga culture:

  1. Hyperflexibity
  2. Contorted bodies
  3. Posture-only focus


Hyperflexibilty: google any single yoga pose online and you’ll most likely see a woman who is overly flexbile in a pose only a gymnast could do. So what’s the problem? It’s not real life. I don’t know if you’ve looked around in yoga class, but hardly anyone looks like the people in those pictures while doing standing splits, and the anatomy of you compared to the person on the mat next to you are so different. 


Contorted Bodies: Yes, there are people who can do this, and yes, there are styles of yoga that incorporate postures like this into practices. If we continue to say yoga is for everyone, yet push images like this on social media for likes: then it becomes yoga for the contorted. Postures like this don’t work for you are me, I can barely clasp my hands behind my back or even cross my forearms in eagle. 


Posture-only focus: Yoga is an ancient practice, the poses though - they are babies compared to how old the philosophy actually is. Having a specific posture be a goal is totally okay, but asking yourself why you want that is your goal should be the focal point. Mindfulness, meditation, intention and purpose are what makes up yoga - not a perfect downward facing dog. Luckily yoga is a practice and we can keep reminding ourselves of that daily. 


Many studios, teachers, students, and even us have become hyper-focused on yoga poses, and that’s okay. However, the poses aren’t what make it “yoga.” As yoga teachers/instructors/trainers (whatever movement specialist name you want to call us) our job is to keep you safe. This includes making sure we give you lots of opportunities in class to do what you actually need. The part where you actually choose the version of the pose you want to take, because it’s the version that your body needs is the actual yoga. You’re focused on your breathing, you're in tune with your mindset, and you’re creating a mindful movement practice.


Your yoga practice might feel different every single day. That’s because you might feel different every single day. From work, and kids, to whatever is going on in the world that impacts you and your mind, your nervous system is always on, and that is what your yoga practice is for.

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