Mindset: Motherhood

Mindset: Motherhood


If you ask me what my favorite holiday is, no question I will respond, “My Birthday.” To which is always responded back with “that’s not a holiday.” Dear Sir’s and Madam’s I agree to disagree! 


There’s about 9,000 holidays all throughout the year, and thanks to social media there’s like “National Donut Day,” “National Middle Child Day,” and even “Dress like a Cow Day.”


Without diving deep into the hot mess complexities of my brain…. It’s been really hard for me to not have a chip on my shoulder about Mother’s Day the past few years, and it can be really hard not to shit in everyone’s homemade breakfast in bed bowls. 


So while yeah, I’m totally triggered about all the trauma and bullshit with my own mom on Mother’s Day, what I realized is that we all are doing the best we can.


It’s been a year, and honestly it was so great to see everyone celebrating this year. We as mom’s have overcome A LOT. Pandemic, virtual school, maintaining our own sanity, because whether you had a job or not your life was turned upside down in some way and the aftermath of it all is still going.


Here’s the thing about Mother’s Day. It’s a day a lot of us finally get to be equal in Motherhood. Normally the mindset is “boy mom,” “girl mom,” “stay at home mom,” “working mom,” blah blah blah. But in my experience yesterday, I saw moms who have lost, moms who could never be, and we got to stand together and celebrate our own selves. It was finally a day where we got to stand on whatever shit we have been dealing with and say “ I AM HERE DOING THE BEST.” 


I don’t know what happened to my deep destructive sorrow that I thoroughly enjoy, but the Grinch of Mother’s Day’s heart grew 3 times yesterday and I want to stay in this new space. 


So, I’m with you standing on my shit, super freaking proud of everything I’ve overcome last year, ready to clean my shoes and get prepared for the next pile with my arms linked with all the other moms and their shit. 


I think that’s the thing about a mindset shift…. you have to be open and ready. If you are still clawing through shit, keep going and know that other moms might not have a similar experience and you feel like you are all alone, we all have our own shit we claw through and stand on.


Mindset Shift Tool:

Write your own mantra about Motherhood that you know can shift how you feel when you need it and keep it with you always. 


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