Mindset: Believe It

Mindset: Believe It    By: Erin Cummings


I’ve been listening to Matthew McConaughey’s book “Greenlights” on Audible. Three things: 1) I HIGHLY recommend it, 2) There are some seriously good nuggets of advice, and 3) Matthew McConaughey is not the person I thought he was, he is so much MORE.


In his book, McConaughey says, “the word ‘unbelievable’ is the stupidest word.” How can something be unbelievable when it happened. “You were there, believe it.” 


I don’t know if I say “that’s unbelievable” or “can you believe that?!?” What I do know is he’s totally right. Taking the word “unbelievable” out of my vocabulary brings me straight into the present moment. Because whatever it was did in fact happen. I don’t need belief, I need presence. 


It’s not unbelievable, it is amazing, horrific, a miracle, a wake up call. It’s something that actually happened.


I think with his statement, what sent my brain into a frenzy is I do know that I have a hard time with how this relates to people. For instance, someone who doesn’t live up to expectations. “I can’t believe they did that.” So yeah, I guess I do say it a lot more than I want to admit. 


It’s time to start believing. It doesn’t mean hold a grudge, not apologize, or give myself permission to treat people like crap. It does give me the opportunity to change expectations. 


“I can’t believe they lied to me.” Believe it. It happened. Get a jolt of presence. 


When you step into the mindset of belief, it brings you into presence, which then gives you the bigger opportunity of what to do next. 


Believe it when you are great. Believe it when things are hard. Believe it that you can do everything right and fail. Believe it when you get offered something special. Believe it when something happens to you.


Shift from unbelievable to present, and see where it takes you next!


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