Lean into what works, and create possibility

I never considered myself to be an “author.” I never dreamed of writing a book. I wasn’t a good student in English and especially not grammar and spelling - like I can barely help my kids with their homework. Seriously, Charlotte was working on long and short (or was it hard and soft?!) vowels and I had to google it - that’s Kindergarten homework in case you’re wondering.

I’ll even tell you this super embarrassing story that will haunt me until the day I die…

I was in a sorority in college (no, that’s not the actual embarrassing part, I know!) During my time in a sorority, I held a few different offices. I’ve always like being able to be the decision maker and be the actual person to make a difference and do the thing I said I was going to do. I was part of the recruitment committee and each person on the committee had to read the bylaws for recruitment in front of the entire sorority population. Luckily, I went to Wichita State University, and we only have 4 sororities, which in total there were about 200ish of us.

As you know I teach yoga, I do not have a fear of public speaking…however, reading bylaws wasn’t really the number one choice of things I want to do. Anyway, I think I was the fourth person to read, and I read and read and read. Everyone laughed and laughed. Now, I’m funny I know. I like to joke around, but these boring ass bylaws were not a funny read. Well, come to find out I read “judicial” as “judiKal” (like with a KAH sound) THE ENTIRE TIME! Needless to say no one at that time, including myself, would have been like “She’ll go on to write a book.” 

I tell you that story to remind you that sometimes things happen, but sometimes they don’t it’s something that’s part of your daily life that ends up evolving into something valuable. 

Here’s what I didn’t say, I’ve been writing blog posts ever since I could remember, and have different variations of those blogs. Form cooking to home remodeling, motherhood to yoga, and fashion to habits and lifestyle systems, writing in those isn’t shocking to me. I’ve also been a journaler (honestly is this even a word, once again no idea) for a long time, and especially during those dark days of my dad being in the hospital.

The Possibility Project is about all of that, it’s to expect the unexpected by doing what works. It worked for me to have a fun little blog, it worked for me to journal when my emotions were crazy, and when I put all of it together it became a published book. I just happened, and it also didn’t. 

Continue to cultivate what works in your life, and be open to what’s possible. 


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