Launch Yourself to the Moon

All it takes is one idea, and from there anything is possible. 

It wasn’t just the race to put a man on the moon that mattered - well okay that was a lot of it, but did you know that there were tons of new innovative products that were created just by the moon landing?

From the Apollo Program, thermal blankets, the dustbuster, vacuum-sealed food, shock-absorbing sneakers, fireproof firefighter uniforms, artificial limbs, the insulin pump, scratch resistance lenses, LASIK eye surgery, water filtration, wireless headsets, CAT-scans, memory foam, air purifiers, LEDs, and that is only a few things. 

This one idea sparked the creation of so many others. 

So, how can we launch ourselves to the moon without paying Bazos for a ride? Simple. First, think about one decision that you’ve made that changed not only the path you were on, but maybe each decision after that. Maybe something like ending a relationship, changing jobs, moving to a new city, etc..

I’m not telling you to create the next moon landing, I’m telling you to stay open to what’s possible in your life and realize that one spark of courageous action can truly impact so many other things around you. 

I know I keep talking about my book, but without the courage of entrepreneurship, I don’t think I would have ever thought about submitting it for publishing. 

Stay open to the possibility that one idea sparks many, all you have to do is launch yourself to the moon.

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