Habit Stacking

Speaking to “the morning person” article, habit stacking is a great way to truly impact your ability to change your habits. You can read more ways to create and unlearn habits in Atomic Habits, but habit stacking, though not totally easy, can be a game changer.

Habit stacking is when you literally stack a habit on top of a habit. Here’s a habit you might be familiar with: you wake up, feel tired, and drink coffee. There’s a cue, an action, and a reward. Here’s another: you’re bored, you check your email, you get a code for a sale, you buy shoes, instant gratification. What about this one: You’re laying in bed, you’re tired, you can’t sleep, you check social media, you check your email, you send a message, you feel “caught up.”

Let’s say you want to add meditation to your morning routine…

You wake up, you’re feeling tired, you make your coffee, *insert meditation while coffee is cooling down,* you drink your coffee. 

Some habit stacking I’ve implemented and love: 

  1. Wearing a sheet mask or skincare mask every morning while making my kid’s lunches. I shifted washing my face not right when I wake up but after make my coffee and their lunches.
  2. Listening to an inspirational, motivational, or intentional podcast while getting ready. This always helps me start to focus on my day!
  3. Back into the parking spot before drop off! I realized shifting the direction of how my car is parked, is key on how quickly I can leave to head to work (or if I have extra time, get another cup of coffee!)

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