Have It All: Wear In Love

Have It All: Wear In Love By Erin Cummings


The majority of us do the same thing in the mornings, wake up, insert some morning routine habits (even if they aren’t good), walk into our closet, change into whatever work clothes you wear, and then the rest of your day happens.


That short moment of walking into your closet creates a ripple effect that impacts the rest of your day, whether you actively think about your clothes or not. Seriously though, if you don’t care about your clothes this mindset and “how to” still applies to you too. While you might not relate to my story, you might find something here for you. 


If you know me pretty well, you know I’m an avid shopper. I’m a sucker especially for a jacket, but OH MY GOD I cannot resist a pair of really good shoes. I realized a few years ago that I had a borderline addiction to shopping. I was buying a ton of clothes only wearing them once, twice if they were a good item. With social media and the increasing awareness of influencers I would say it got worse. I was watching what they bought, I bought it. I needed the latest and greatest of everything. 


Fast forward to 2019 my business mentor, Erin Anderson from Live Big Co, came from Canada on a work trip and visited me. She had these GREAT jeans, like SOOO GOOD. I asked where she got them and she told me her stylist picked them out. 


Me, thinking…: “cool, yea yeah yeahhhhhhhhhh there’s no f*cking way I can hire a stylist, what a psycho.” 


But, the more questions I asked her about her stylist the more I figured out she was way more than a stylist. She was a complete clothing and lifestyle change coach/stylist.


Erin said, “just do it. You’ll freaking love her.” Alright then, I had all the convincing I needed I was SOLD.


For $525 CAD I booked Jessie. She spent an entire afternoon over zoom with me in my closet. We went through every piece of clothing. Jessie quickly realized that I associate all of my memories with my clothing. If you ask me to recall a memory, the first thing I’ll tell you is what I had on. 


So why is all of that important to tell you? Jessie helped me realize that it’s actually how I FEEL in my clothes that is important, not just how I look. If I look like a total couch potato, but I have on my favorite sweatshirt or hoodie, I feel happy. If I have on a gorgeous dress that looks good on me, but I can’t stop thinking about the funeral I wore it to, well….it’s a problem. 

AND, it’s still so much bigger than that. I also realized if I walked into my closet and the things I see don’t fit me, that I feel bad in, and that I haven’t worn or hate wearing and wish were different, it made me feel off.


Jessie did a lot of things for me, but the biggest thing she did was create the moment of when I walk into my closet, I walk into love and joy, not body shame, judgement, and the need to feel like I need more. And that’s what I’m getting at.


To live in love (our YESyoga’s February Theme) means to stop standing in a valley of disappointment, it means that my mindset is full of possibility because I know what is in front of me isn’t going to hold me back all throughout my day.  I don’t have to sulk because my favorite pants are in the washer, or be uncomfortable all day because I actually hate the shirt I bought but feel bad for buying it and now have to wear it. 


If you don’t relate to my clothing and closet story, I want you to look at somewhere in your life/house that you see and it creates an emotion for you. What do you feel when you see it, and what would it be like if you felt great every time you saw it? 


When you start your day with a window that’s open to let shame, judgement, and an overall negative mindset in, it snowballs, because at some point you will become exhausted from needing constant bursts of motivation to keep going. So start with something small, like creating a beautiful closet full of clothes that make you feel good. Could you imagine what it would be like to feel good every morning when you stepped out of your closet? 


Could you imagine the possibility of a positive upward spiral, instead of a snowball into a constant devastating avalanche of negative thought patterns? 


It’s time to turn “feeling good” into your morning habit, so that you can keep creating other possibilities for growth in your life. For me, it’s about having it all. I have the clothes I feel good in, the closet I love to look at, and actually living in what I love. 


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