Are you holding up the line?

What is a decision I know I need to make?

We make thousands of decisions each day. From what to wear, to what route to take to work, to what to eat for lunch, oh yeah, and then all the work decisions. 

Then there are days we decide to get the fancy coffee and wait in line.

This week on the podcast I talked about “Not So Lucky Steve” and his inability to wait in line at a local coffee shop. I never would have thought on the same week there would be published data analytics from Technonics that estimates that one-third of Starbucks customers wait about 5 minutes for their order to be filled. 

So, to be really clear here, if YOU are the one ordering a Grande Half-Calf Swirly Gum Drop Single Pump Sparkle Fart Beiged Iced Shaker Not Too Hott But Cold Latte….you could be the one holding up the line. It’s that 1 of 383 billion unique latte combinations that you decided on. 

Okay, okay, maybe you aren’t holding up the line with your bougie Starbies drink, but that decision about coffee is real. You can choose 1 of 383 BILLION combinations. Which means, there’s also got to be a decision you are also currently struggling with right now, that isn’t about coffee. 

The thought of the “other decision” options for everything else seems overwhelming - luckily, there’s yoga! 

Yoga can teach you to not only practice decision making, but detaching from the outcome. While the choice can be hard, we have to recognize that only we can control certain aspects of the results from our choices. This doesn’t mean to detach from reality, but maintaining a sense of equanimity. 

This allows you to focus on the strategy/plan/journey, once the decision has been made. 

That’s the thing, because you ordered such a complex Starbucks drink, the barista might not be able to make it in less than 5 minutes and they might mess up the flavor pumps - I mean how can they accurately do a half pump anyway?!?!

I’ll never stray from my Americano, but if you have a fancy coffee order you love, I’d love to hear it! 

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