All about OM

Why do you have a “30” tattoo on your arm?

I actually get this question A LOT, and I’d love to share WTF it means and why its not a “30.”

In March 2014, I completed my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training and in May of that same year, just 2 months later, I purchased 13 paddle boards and opened up Sugar Land’s Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga Studio! WHEW that was a whirlwind. A few years later, I sold the business and the boards so that I could dive full-time into YESyoga. 

So, what’s the tattoo about? I wanted something to represent my personal growth, my business growth, and how the water makes me feel at ease. I found a watercolor tattoo artist and I designed my OM and off they went coloring on my arm. 

So what is OM and why should it matter to you if you practice yoga?

When you speak or chant OM it creates a vibration. In Hindu philosophy, it is believed that the diving uttering of “OM” created the universe. When we chant “OM” it connects us to the universe and the beings among it.

So what if you don’t believe any of that stuff?

I get it, that belief might not be for you and that’s okay too. Here’s some concrete ways “OM” can be incorporated into your life if you choose to say it out loud or to yourself.

Pronounced: “ah-U-mm”

A (ah) - Represents the waking up within yourself by connecting your physical body with tangible place you are in. AKA: Presence

U - Represents a deeper awareness within yourself. Things like thoughts and feelings. Notice them, maybe even ask yourself “how do I feel today?”

M - A deep state of profound stillness. The ability to be who you are without the ego and fear. AKA: Practicing savasana or your drishti (focus) on the mat.

Lastly, one that many of us forget

The Silence After - Bliss. That moment of serenity, peace, and pause. To me, it feels like time stops just for a moment where I am clear headed, grounded, and at peace. Sometimes, it goes away quicker than it comes, but it’s there. A moment of bliss. This is tricky, it’s different for each of us, but you know it when it comes around. Ask yourself how can you replicate that again and again?

For the record, this isn’t the “UM” like the filler word that we all say. This is actually the complete opposite of that. It’s intentional, it has meaning, and it’s not said when you are trying to fill in the blanks when your kid asks if their entire soccer team can come over in 2 hours.

So, if you’re stressed out, burnt out, and all done with that thing that’s been driving you crazy - try saying “AH-U-MM” instead of screaming into your pillow or throwing your phone and shift out of rage to presence. 

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