You did it, you lived your YES.

Be Curious. Curious means eager to know or learn something. At the beginning of 2020, our vision was to focus on curiosity and courageousness. We encouraged students to get more curious in their practices, and become more courageous in their every day life. We encouraged teachers to get curious with their normal way of teaching and be courageous with teaching outside of the box, whether it was teaching an experience on or off the mat. As we moved through the year, curiosity and courageousness became part of YESyoga’s 2020 journey.

We took a huge leap and led by example and were one of the first fitness studios in our area to shut our doors to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Courageous. We got curious to what our clients needed, and created an online program. We dug further and turned the studio into a donation based space to help those who were impacted financially. Curiosity kicked in again when burnout became the normal. The studio shifted into more lifestyle practices.

Each leader, teacher, and student cultivated curiosity and acted with courage this year.

2020 isn’t the shittiest year or the worst year ever. 2020 is the year you lived your YES.


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