Wow, It's Been One Year


Wow, It’s Been One Year


Can you believe October is here? YES - we can, because that means that we have officially been open an entire year. WE ARE ONE. We are so excited that we have loved, lost, created, discovered, changed, but most of all grown together.


We’ve learned a lot along the way. It took passion, drive, failure, criticism, perseverance, resilience, and fun. Mostly it took us realizing that we are a YES for this business, and we don’t have to follow expectations or guidelines of how things “should” be done. We moved all of our beautiful stuff into the space October 12th and we opened our doors the very next day on October 13, 2018.


We have really leaned into our roles and have pushed each other into developing and using our strengths. Erin is the “Balloon,” the one with her head always up in the clouds creating, designing, and inflating YESyoga with content and ideas. Tiffany is the “String,” keeping the studio grounded. She is busy doing all of the day to day stuff like bookkeeping, payroll, inventory, and keeping everything the studio needs in order, especially super important stuff like buying tampons and toilet paper. We make a great pair, because Tiffany keeps Erin grounded, by reminding her to focus on what’s right now, and Erin lifts Tiffany up by always asking “What about this?”


We wanted to share with you a few things we’ve learned along the way developed from our core values:


UNAPOLOGETIC:  Be unapologetic about who you are or what you are going through. This year was tough on a lot of people, but the community and staff here at the studio always showed up for us as owners, even when things got really heard.

STRENGTH: Cultivating the grit to keep going gives us strength, whether it is in life or in Veronica’s inversion classes. Having the strength to do the work and see the value in it adds another dimension to yoga practice on and off the mat.

CLARITY:  We learned being really clear about our values, our pricing, our pay scale, and our vision is important in create a community and team. There is no confusion, no exceptions, no favorites, just clear honest communication that adds a level of integrity and approachability.

CHOICE: Knowing we always have the option to say YES or NO, with a period. No questions asked, no story needed. Sometimes YES or NO can be really hard to say, but living through the opportunity of choice has created breakthroughs in so many areas.

INTEGRITY: You’ve held us accountable through feedback. We have the integrity to change things when they aren’t working, or even create opportunity to make something new! Hold each other and ourselves accountable creates integrity from the studio room and out into the team, us as owners, and into the world.

APPROACHABILITY: We learned sometimes we have to be a NO for something things to create a YES for other things. Being a NO for two yoga rooms means being a YES for the possibility of everyone getting to know each other and creating community. We are a NO for dropping judgement and stories, which opens us up to a YES for you coming to the studio with no baggage needed. This means, you don’t have to worry about what you are going through while you are here, because we are here for you. You don’t have to be at a certain level or know a certain person, we are all just here trying to better ourselves to create a bigger YES for our life.



We would love to hear about what you’ve learned with your time here at the studio. Feel free to comment below!

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