There is always an option

There is always an option...

It’s 9 am and I’m standing in line at the walkup coffee shop that’s walking distance from my house, and there’s a line around the corner (just like there always is.) There are a few people in front of me and a few people behind me, including one gentleman who is clearly late for something. 

Now, I want to reiterate that this coffee shop always has a line and is always busy, and since there is no drive-through or inside seating, it’s mostly locals who purchase coffee from there. 

As I’m standing in line, I noticed the guy behind me get closer and closer to me. I also notice quite a few deep breaths and muttering under his breath. We move up one spot. Now, he starts getting louder, he’s telling people to hurry, he’s stomping his feet, and he’s getting closer and closer to me again.

Finally, there are only two people in front of me! After the person orders, the lady in front of me offers Mr. Latepants the opportunity to cut in line. HE SAYS NO, can you believe it?!?! He does this whole thing about how “he’s already 45 minutes late to work” and “it’s no big deal” but then proceeds to keep inching closer, muttering under his breath, and telling everyone else in front of him to hurry.  He didn’t take the easiest option to cut. He stayed in his same spot. Late. 

He even told the baristas to make his drink quickly when it came time for him to order. 

I just want to take a pause right here. This is the moment your yoga practice comes into play, whether you are me or you are him in this case. Here’s the thing, he said no. He chose to stay in sh*tty late mood. He could have cut the line when offered, he could have stopped muttering, he could have changed his entire day around with one yes… instead, he said “no.” He chose to steal energy from around him and make his problem everyone else’s problem. He chose to stay stuck in getting attention for running late, instead of taking action on a different outcome. 

There are always options to turn your day around. 

Most notably, he could have skipped the coffee line altogether. Most likely, he has a coffee bar at work….

This is where yoga kicks in. It’s when you choose another option instead of staying stuck. When you choose to make your problem, your own problem and not everyone else’s. Your yoga practice gives you options and opportunities to say YES and change the outcome. 

So what would your yoga practice have you do?

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