October Intention: Play



L: Love
We tend to only love and acknowledge the good things or when we feel amazing and/or powerful. But what about the days we need a break or are just having a bad day. Is that not okay as well? In yoga we have the same highs and lows. Some poses we are killing it and others we are shooting laser beams with our eyes at the instructor. I had a student ask me once , “ Is it normal to get emotional at the end of class?? I cried at the end.” My response to all of this is YES; it’s all okay. Purposely Love All of You no matter how uncomfortable it may be. It is not about contentment or being stagnant. If we can not find the beauty in our shadow self no one else will. It is in the things we dislike where we find out what we are made of that make us a better version of our self. 

Nikki L. Dixon-Ewing

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