October: Fear & Creativity


Fear & Creativity


October is my second favorite month, the first being July because of my birthday! 


October is all about Halloween, when fall, magic, and scary stuff all come together. It’s a time to be creative and a time to have fun and get scared in the process. 


To put this into perspective it’s a great way to creatively challenge yourself. This month, that’s what I’m asking you to do. 


Where can you get a little scared? Where can you get a little scared because you pushed yourself? What I’m not asking is for you to find a creative solution to cure your big fears or scare your ex or ex-boss. 


Try making a new recipe this month that’s out of the box for you, or take a pottery or painting class. Get on your mat and get creative, use your opposite leg to walk to the top of your mat, try a new breathing practice…what if you switched your gaze or purposefully made yourself lose your balance? Bring some fun back to your practice!



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