Mindfulness On-Demand Within

Spring Break is a great time to reset. I know so many people who are traveling, did travel, are going to travel, but what if you have FOMO!?!?


Most of us feel like we need some time away, whether it is to reset, stabilize, take a minute, whatever it is most of us want a little break. 


Two years ago, we all got a major break, we were forced to slow down. I don't know about you, but it took waaayyyy longer than a week to slow down. A week of being at home left me anxious. After about 6 to 8 weeks, I learned what was truly important, once the distractions were gone and the "dust settled."


For many, coming back after break you end up more stressed than before, wishing you had an extra day after vacation to relax, but that doesn't make sense does it?


Your break needs to come from within, not your change of scenery. All your baggage comes with you to the beach or to the mountains or to the hotel pool. You just pushed it all for later to deal with. If you need a break, look within, and create it on demand.


This is where mindfulness plays a huge role in our lives, whether it's a breathing exercise or taking a yoga class. It's up to you to create the break you need and unwind what's going in your mind so that if you do end up going on Spring Break you can truly be present. 

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