It’s giving main person energy….

Have you seen those videos on Instagram where one person is filming themselves in front of someone else who knows them VERY well (for instance: a wife in front of her husband, vice versa, or a mom in front of their kids) and they start talking about their morning routine?

Here’s how the video usually goes

Main person talking (while the other person is unbothered in the background not paying attention): “So a lot of you have asked me about my morning routine, so I thought I’d share!”

Other Person - starts to somewhat notice what’s going on, but still, seemingly keeps to themselves with a small spark of curiosity in their eyes. 

Main person continues: “I wake up every morning at 5am and work out.”

So this usually goes one of two ways, the other person IMMEDIATELY interrupts and is completely flabbergasted because it’s a clear and blatant lie or the other person says nothing while trying to correct the horrified expression on their face because they know they are being filmed, but don’t want to ruin the video of the main person clearly lying on camera. 

If you’ve seen it, I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Here’s a great question for you: are you the main person in that video when it comes to your mental health?

Are you leaning in and doing what you know you need to work on yourself? Or are you standing around hoping things will get better? Are you actually embodying the vision of what you want and what you had for yourself?

Just a quick reminder: ONLY YOU CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. 

I know these videos are meant to be funny, and they are in fact hilarious. But, there are opportunities in moments like these to realize and ask yourself, “Is the main person in the video actually me?” Is it time to stop pretending and start embodying the person you actually are/want to be?

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