Is life happening to you or with you?

If you haven’t read last week’s blog post, you can do that here.


As I reflect on last week, it was a bit stressful and chaotic. Since our beloved dog passed away, I’ve had a bit of a “f*ck it” attitude (aka YOLO- you only live once.) The problem when I get into this little rut is that it slowly turns into self-destructive behaviors. When I start to notice the feeling of the world happening to me instead of with me or through me, I need to get really present.


Which brings us to the last two yamas….



Non-excess or the right use of energy


Originally this was taken to mean celibacy - um…. since 2022 and life is much different now, don’t forget we can find ways to interpret these principles so they fit into our life now. To be literal this can mean refraining from hoarding, but for me it’s all about how am I spending my energy and time. Am I over indulging in resentment, or in my current case, I’m spending way too much of my energy on the f*ck it side of impulse instead of actually creating inquiry within myself. 


Checking in to see which point of the drama triangle (victim, persecutor, or rescuer) you are currently working can tell you a lot about the right use of energy you are using in a certain relationship. 


Is the right use of energy the constant complaining, or can you create a new action to move forward?



Non-possessiveness or Non-attachment


This is not about complacency. This is about acknowledgment. Acknowledging that the pose you are in is hard, acknowledging the day you had was crap. Acknowledging you were engulfed in anger and not to dwell, but to notice and then move on. 


Where or what are you holding on too tightly? (This can be physical things, beliefs, emotions….) 


A separate but more practical way to practice this can be when you purchase new clothes. I’m an avid shopper - this definitely speaks to me here. Learning to let go, means one thing in and one thing out. Also practicing the above “non-excess” can mean you appreciate and are grateful, not just buying something because you know you can throw something else away. 


Another great way - social media. Are you holding on to your opinion that you get so mad when someone challenges it online? Are you attached to typing back, or can you let go of the outcome of not challenging back? 


These last two yamas work so well together. Look around in your life to see where you can bring these two in, and see what’s possible from here. 

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