Gather with Purpose

Gather with Purpose


This month’s intention is GATHER based on the book The Art Of Gathering by Priya Parker. As we dive a little deeper into the beginning of the book, Parker talks about how it’s so important to stop wasting people’s time at meetings. She even sourced that many people tend to not be able to get work done due to unnecessary or un-purposeful meetings. 


In The Art Of Gathering, Parker says, it’s about “how to take an ordinary moment with others and make it unforgettable and meaningful.” If there is no purpose, give people their time back. 


Some first steps to creating the next gathering and up-leveling it to an unforgettable experience are:


-Ask the WHY, and not the category

-Think big picture

-Commit to gathering about something, and getting specific is crucial

-Start with what you want to have happen or what outcome you are looking for.



Think of it like this in the most basic way:



From here, you can then decide all things logistics, and it will be so much easier because each logistical decision or set-up with feed into your bigger purpose. 


What if “Thanksgiving” were so much more than just “let’s eat and show gratitude…”



Think about it with some journaling questions below:

  1. Did you experience a gathering that was unforgettable? What made it so special? What do you think the purpose was?
  2. Is there a gathering you attend that could benefit with an up-level of creating purpose around it? What would it be like if your gathering had purpose? What’s possible?
  3. On a basic level, with a friend, group of friends, or next meeting, how can you implement these simple changes to your next gathering? 
  4. What’s possible by adding purposeful gatherings into your life?


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