Finding Balance in Change

My Friday Reflection Question: Do you remember why you started?


Before the studio was open, the other co-founder and I worked with a branding strategy consultant to help develop the idea of YESyoga. She helped us clearly define and understand the brand we wanted to be, the tone we wanted to use, and where we wanted to go. 

Something I’ll never forget was the consultant had the phrase “Remember Why You Started” on the wall behind her as her background. 

Life happens. Your yoga studio is closing. You fall down the stairs. You get a job. Your kids graduate. Your kids start school. Life is full of ups and downs and everything in between. Transitions and change can be challenging, but it’s important to always come back to neutral. 

“Remember why you started” serves as a powerful reminder to stay grounded and connected to your purpose. It’s so easy to go into the path of total self-talk destruction because of external opinions or even our own inner critic. By reconnecting with our motivations and purpose, we can begin to shift back into moving forward (see what I did there!!?!?) 

Remember why you started, because great transformations need a beginning. 

Whether you are on your yoga mat, at your desk, sitting at graduation, or watching that door close (or open), remember your “why” to stay centered and inspired.

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