This week's theme of our 30 Day Program is "Do Something."

In Mark Manson's book "The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck," he says, "negative emotions are a call to action. When you feel them, it's because you're supposed to DO SOMETHING." The problem is most of us aren't tuned in enough to realize what is actually going on with our bodies. So this week, we are working on figuring that out.

The best way to begin to tune in is through two ways: 1) meditation, and 2) defining what our emotion actually is. Instead of reacting, DO SOMETHING. Tune in. Sit with what you are feeling physically and define what emotion you are actually feeling. 

Define what it means to struggle, and tune in. Then, decide if you are struggling for something you actually want. What we realized during some discussion in our meeting was that a lot of us are struggling for things we don't actually want (giving up late night dinners, dieting, friendships that are exhausting, and exercise routines that aren't working, it's all exhausting and some of the outcomes weren't ideal.) But also realizing things that we were willing to struggle for (relationships, jobs, change in lifestyles, etc).

It's time to think of yourself this week as a science experiment/case study/ however you want to define it, but see if you can tune in, create definitions, and realize what is actually happening in your body when you are "in the struggle." It's up to you to DO SOMETHING, and get out of the habit of denial and being the victim in your problems. Because there is so much at stake your relationships, your job, your family, your health. YOUR LIFE IS AT STAKE, so do something. 

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