Curious: Create a New Ritual for Monday Morning

Curious: Create a New Ritual for Monday Morning


Do you wait for Fridays and then dread Mondays?



What would it be like if you didn’t work for Fridays? Also, what would it be like if you didn’t dread Mondays? 


Did you know that there are 20% more heart attacks on Mondays than any other day!?!


When I was a stay-at-home mom I LOVED Mondays because it was the day the routine came back. The weekend chaos was over and the routine of the week could start again. Now, as a someone who has a full time working schedule I crave what used to be the chaos of the weekend. 


I started getting curious about how to change things up. Luckily for me, I have the freedom of changing up my schedule, but when I start getting burnt out I start leaving earlier and earlier and earlier and my productivity goes WAY down. 


What I’ve learned over the past few years is that in order to have a great morning, it starts the night before. In order to have a great start to the week, it actually starts at the end of the weekend. In order to have a great weekend, it starts with ending the week. The infamous you can’t have a beginning without a previous ending metaphor. 


Let’s get curious. What can you do to set yourself up for Monday? If Monday’s elevate your heart rate, what grounding exercise can you do the night before?


Here are some ideas:

  • Get grounded in the morning. Start with a short meditation or breathing practice BEFORE everyone else wakes up. Sit with your hot coffee in your hand and pause and breathe. 
  • Extended skincare routine (That I like to call Skincare Sundays, and my husband likes to say “how much longer” and “what is that on your face” Sunday. Also my kids like to call it “SCARRYYYYY” Sunday)
  • Get to where you need to be earlier and have a moment of breath. Even if it’s with your kids in the school parking lot. What if you did that with your kids, that could give them a life long tool to help curb their Monday anxiety.
  • Schedule a mid day Monday break of some kind. Maybe it’s moving your lunch dates to Mondays or scheduling a 10 minute lunch break walk, or even a 10 minute reading time. Stop scheduling shitty Monday activities, this will make your anxiety worse. 
  • The big one you don’t want to hear, GO TO BED EARLY! 


Get curious, what new ritual can you incorporate to ease the dread of your Mondays?

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