Celebrating International Women's Day!

Today is International Women's Day. This year's International Women's Day theme is #BreaktheBias. Showcasing how we as women can come together to create equality. 

I'm proud to be a female owned, operated, and run business! Entrepreneurship is in my blood, my grandmother actually had her own in-home hair salon, which she calls a "beauty shop." I always heard stories about it growing up, and she even had a dedicated space in her home with it's own door and shared bathroom. It's now her art studio, but it was fun to imagine all the "blue haired ladies with curlers." 

I always wanted my own business, ever since I was little. When I was in elementary school I did those door to door magazine sales, from there I did everything from selling cupcakes, to making quilts, then having my own seasonal Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga business, investing in real estate, and now..... opening, owning, operating, and jumping fully into YESyoga. I'm always looking for ways to go bigger and I have have a lil' something new coming soon.


But for now, I wanted to celebrate other female founders and entrepreneurs that inspire me, whose products I use, and women I couldn't live without! 


Here are some Women Entrepreneurs who I watch, listen, look up to, and use their products. 



Women I aspire to be like:

Jennifer FisherJennifer Fisher Jewelry  


Photo from Jennifer's Instagram, she also has @jenniferfisherkitchen with recipes!

Not only do I buy just about everything she makes including her collection at CB2 and salts. I love to look at her instagram for a jolt of inspiration and creativity boost. I love her branding, her vibe, her ability to show her life full of business and family fulfillment, along with the showcase of struggle of her health. 

Her jewelry, which I wear daily as tokens and reminders of different things, is an added bonus. She is someone I definitely look up to and love following her journey. 




Sara BlakelySpanx

Photo from Sara Blakely's Instagram

I'm sure you've heard of Spanx. I love just about everything about Sara's story of the creation of Spanx, as well as her story of selling the company! She started off selling fax machines to then selling her billion-dollar majority stake and they are committed to having a 100% female board of directors. 

Big bonus: she also gave all of her employees a huge bonus when she sold Spanx. So I'd say, she's a huge inspiration not only as a female entrepreneur of scale, but also a leader who lifts other women up! 



Women I know who grew their companies and whose products I use:

Indie Lee, Indie Lee

Photo from Indie's Instagram

Indie Lee is fun, caring, and free spirited. She and I met last year during a mentorship program in which she was my mentor! I loved chatting with her weekly and learning the in's and out's, especially about a large corporation. While our businesses are vastly different, it was so good to get a creative boost from her and be able to have that opportunity to learn from her. Indie really helped streamline a lot things and give me a new perspective on advertising and marketing!

Also, I can't live without her deodorant!!!! 


Mara Smith, Inspiro Tequila

Photo from Mara's Instagram

Mara and I met at a networking event, and she was also in a mentorship small group with me. Now, I'm definitely a huge fan. Mara started a tequila company, she talked a lot about the lack of women in the spirits industry. She has no idea, but I love watching and reading just about everything her company does...oh yeah and it's damn good tequila! I hope one of these days I get to see a big "Inspiro Tequila" Truck drive through Sugar Land Town Center. Oh man, that would just light me up! 


The Mondavi Sisters, Mondavi Sisters

Photo from their instagram.

So I don't know them personally, but I did have a private wine tasting experience with Alycia Mondavi and I don't know if Kyle got to say a single word the entire time. It was incredible to hear their story of coming from a wine family, trying to hold their own, buying their own land, and the failures and successes along the way. I loved talking with her and their Dark Matter label is my favorite wine. If you ever drink it with me (Kyle included) consider yourself EXTREMELY lucky. 


Kirsten Locke, Locke Vineyards

Photo from Kirsten's Instagram

I guess I'll keep going with the alcohol theme, ha! I know Kirsten through a few yoga trainings. We did a yoga training together and then she also assisted a training of mine! Not only does she own the shop, she also farms, and is a 4th generation proprietor! From her beautiful and lust worthy lavender bouquets to watching her instagram stories with her grandmother, she is a huge inspiration! I've loved watching her in her zone of genius and sharing her passion! 


Krishna Chavda, Veatge

Photo from Veatge's Instagram

One of my favorite things about owning a yoga studio is when you land a dream client. Krishna is just that. She's a self made entrepreneur crushing the jewelry game. I wear her link chain bracelet every single day. Seriously, I never take it off. Her jewelry is simple and elegant, beautiful and strong. I love talking to her about her business because you can see the passion on her face and she truly does it all! I may or may not have my eye on the crossover gold bangle.....


Women Who Help Me Big Time:

Let's start with two big companies. I don't personally know these women founders but I use their companies BOTH monthly and they are both HUGE disruptors in their industry. 

Let's be real for a second..... most of us as women get our period. Here are female founders that help ease the period problems for me.  


Beatrice Dixon, The Honey Pot

Photo from Beatrice Dixon's Instagram

I love the realness of her branding, I love that it's at Target, I love that I learned her story of having real vaginal problems and did something to help herself then turned it into a business. I love that their tampons aren't full of bullshit ingredients. 



Antonia Saint Dunbar, Miki Agrawal and Radha AgrawalTHINX

Photo from THINX's Instagram

I've been using THINX for a while, but I recently listened to a podcast that Miki Agrawal was on and I was blown away. Once again, listening to her failures and successes her actual problems that she found solutions to, which then got turned into a business. From not being able to advertise a certain way to getting people to drop the stigma of bleeding. I loved hearing her story and I love their product.

I do want to add at the time of listening to her on the podcast I did not realize Miki was no longer CEO and stepped down due to a now settled allegation, but I do want to add the name of Maria Molland who helped rebuild the company after some serious turmoil. 

But for real, as someone who carries multiple pairs of black pants in her bag once per month, THINX are a sheet saver, a pant saver, and gives me peace of mind in a world not meant for tampon changing breaks. It also gives me such relief knowing that when my daughter grows up the stigma might finally be broken and she'll be equipped to not feel the blood shame.


Women who make YESyoga live it's fullest YES:

Erin Anderson, Live Big Co

Photo from Erin's Instagram

With the creation of branding and website inspiration. Erin has helped me since the beginning. She always helps me put my thoughts into action and is now helping other women become the best version of themselves. I'm super grateful for all of the help and purpose Erin has brought to YES over the past few years.


Nicole D'Andrea, Nicole D'Andrea Consulting

Photo from Nicole's Instagram

I can't recommend Nicole enough. Nicole helped me keep my feet on the ground after the transfer of partnership to 100% ownership of YESyoga also while going through COVID. She helped me streamline all the behind the scenes work, made my life a lot easier, and gave me a huge jolt of confidence. 


Amanda Hofman & Jessie Glass, Go to Market

Photo of Go To Market's Instagram

Go to Market has CHANGED the way we do apparel at the studio! Wholesale is SUCH a headache for me, especially when it comes to the big name labels and stores. These women helped me rediscover our apparel and ways to really take sustainability and creativity to the next level. 


Krytondra Mamou, K. Mamou Photography

Photo from Krytondra's Instagram

Since working with Krytondra she has added such impactful photos and really elevated our brand. She listens, she loves, and she's your hype girl. I love working with her and highly suggest partnering with her for photography! 



The list of women entrepreneurs goes on and on. I hope you celebrate all the women in your life today!  

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