Barbie is a BFD

You’d have to live in a bunker not to realize that the movie “Barbie” opens this weekend. In honor of that, I wore pink today… I know, I know - it’s truly shocking (also, you can purchase one in studio.) Want to know what else is shocking…some facts I learned about Barbie that I thought would be fun to share. 



The Barbie doll was created in 1959 by Ruth Handler, and she’s named after Ruth's daughter (Barbara) and son (Kenneth.) At that time the only dolls on the market for kids to play with were baby dolls, and let’s just say hello to the elephant in the room here, those dolls were for girls. The girls would learn nurturing and mothering skills, but Ruth said f*ck it (okay prob not exactly) but decided to make a toy so a little girl could be inspired. 


Ruth sold over 350,000 Barbie dolls that first year in business. Hello Barbie, let’s go party! Today, one Barbie is sold every 3 seconds. 


This was it, a chance for little girls to see themselves doing things in ways that weren’t actually possible for them - yet. Barbie was an astronaut four years BEFORE Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon. She was also a high-level executive in 1963, can you imagine - a CEO who's a woman, at the time?!?! *GASP*


She owns her own home. She doesn’t need Ken, he’s just there to support her. They even broke up and she kept the house, why - because she’s an independent woman who takes pride in herself and helping others. She’s had over 200 careers, been to over 150 countries, and ran for President four different times. 


She’s also had a little controversy, and she originally only represented a small portion of who we all are. Let’s not forget though, this B is plastic. If she were a real-life human, her proportions would be whack. Now, Barbie comes in 35 skin tones, 97 hairstyles, 9 body types, and they are working on even more. 


Here’s what’s great about Barbie - she’s not real, she’s a way for us to imagine what could be, or maybe even one might say….a way for us to create what’s possible. 


So, what’s the yoga lesson in all of this? To me, Barbie is what I like to call a BFD (Big F*cking Deal) and maybe she is or isn’t for you, but you might have someone in your life who is and you should text them “Hey PERSON'S NAME, you’re my BFD Barbie.” Then be sure and tell them all the ways they help you create what’s possible in your life.


Create some gratitude this weekend. First, for not having to do yoga in heels. Second, for being the Courageous, Capable, and Strong BFD Barbie that YOU are. 

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