Are you striving for happiness or peace?

Are you striving for happiness or peace?



As we end Mental Health Awareness month, let’s reflect. 


  • What did you struggle with?
  • How did you take care of yourself?
  • What did you learn?
  • What can you celebrate?
  • What do you know is true?
  • When were you most happy?
  • When did you feel most at peace?



Those last two questions are key. Be sure to distinguish the two….we can feel many emotions at once, but there’s only one that will truly keep up fulfilled. Finding moments of peace gives you the opportunity to experience the happy and the sad, the worry and the courage, the unknown and the known. 


What can you keep doing to continue to bring that feeling of peace into your everyday life? If you haven’t figured it out, set a goal to do 3 things per day that bring you peace. These things can be simple. Maybe it’s drinking your coffee by yourself for 5 minutes outside, maybe it’s doing your hair, maybe it’s reading a book. 


Pick three things and do them every day for one week, and see how you feel. 


Stop striving for happiness, because it’s impossible to be happy all of the time. Strive for peace, because no matter what goes on around you, you can create peace within you. Stop letting trivial things bother you and find your center. Stop chasing happiness and create peace instead. 

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