April's Intention - Be The Fool

April Fool’s Day always gives me a little laugh and adds some levity to the chaos that is normally March, plus my 10 year old really gets into it. Apparently he even organized his entire class to play a joke on his teacher - Yes, I’m totally proud of that. 


I wanted to keep the idea of the “fool” going all month long, and there was no better way than to create April around the theme of “The Fool’s Journey” based on the Rider Weight Tarot Card Deck.


Now, if you aren’t into Tarot that’s totally fine, and you don’t need cards for this. But it’s just a great play on starting fresh with the card “The Fool.” This card represents being vulnerable and reminds us to recognize the path we are on and turn inward when possible. 


The Fool is all about learning life’s lessons, leaning on your beginner’s mind, and lead with good intentions. It’s not just about realizing that you are doing the best you can, but also realizing that many people are doing the same! The Fool’s Journey starts at “The Fool” also known as card zero (0) and ends with “The World,” card number twenty one (21). 


Like I said, if you aren’t into tarot “The Fool’s Journey” is still a great tool for storytelling about turning inward and creating self awareness this month. Sometimes it’s nice to add a bit of levity, especially when things get so serious. 


Mindfulness, meditation, and self-development don’t have to be silence, boring, and still. There are so many ways to reflect and pause that fits within your life and purpose.


This week reflect on something you thought was “crazy” or something “out of character for you” that helped open the door to the path you are on. 


As you start to think about “The Fool” don’t think about yourself as what would normally be defined as a “fool,” don’t put a label of good or bad or have any shame or judgment around it. Just notice what new happenings are you creating in your life and see if you can lead with a beginners mind!

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