Accidental Outcomes & Touchdowns

Sh*t my yoga teacher says, “You can be a PJ or a double-decker Airbus, but just pick the version of airplane that you feel most comfortable in for today. Your leg can be as high or as low as you want.”  

TL; DR (If you don’t know this short phrase - I learned it the other day by reading a 1st-grade room mom’s email - probably the only one I’ve ever read TBH. That lil’ phrase stands for “Too Long; Didn’t Read.” It’s supposed to be a synopsis of the most important thing in the email. Which is the complete opposite of what’s currently happening…anywhoo) This Friday’s Blog contains discussions about Taylor Swift and accidental outcomes. 

If you haven’t heard Taylor Swift is dating KC Chiefs player Travis Kelce - you are Patrick, living under a rock in the bottom of the ocean, no offense - but how do you make it this long without this information? In the words of TSwift the “Dads, Brads, and Chads” lost their absolute sh*t and are still losing their sh*t because she gets a whole 25 seconds of their 4-hour game tv time. (Alright that was a loaded opinion on my part, but seems accurate.)

From September to January by Taylor attending her boyfriend’s NFL games, she’s generated over $331.5 million for the KC Chiefs and the NFL. The Dads, Brads, and Chads, should be thanking her for the accidental outcome of more viewership, media exposure, and NFL swag purchased more than ever before. 

Let’s switch topics, here’s a little taste of some of Wednesday’s, The YES Entrepreneurial Mindset Newsletter (if you aren’t receiving the emails, you can subscribe here)

What do all the following companies or products have in common?

  • Penicillin
  • Microwave Ovens
  • Post-It Notes
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Slinkies
  • Super Glue
  • Velcro
  • Teflon

These are all innovative products that were accidentally discovered! Could you even imagine life without any of these products? 

In the YES Entrepreneurial Mindset Newsletters, I always ask the entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial-minded people to take a “Reality Inventory” - this is a time to collect data, reconcile, and check in with yourself.

Reality Inventory: Has there ever been a time when you had an accidentally awesome outcome, and what was the impact? What has been your biggest lightbulb moment in your business that helped change a system or the way you do things?

Let’s jump back into yoga - or maybe forward to the top of your mat

Has your yoga teacher ever given you the weirdest cue and it changed your life? Here are a few examples:

“Step your right foot forward in one smooth move - also the name of my favorite digestive tea.” - Jess learned this from her teacher Alex Auder, and she said she’s now used it for years.

“Take your favorite cheek to the mat….face cheek. Your favorite face cheek.” - Lauren

And then, there’s a hilarious Instagram account by @yogi_bryan and he has a hilarious one, “compassion has an ass in it so relax your butt cheeks.” (Now I can’t see compassion without ass.)

Side note: I can’t lie, as a yoga teacher, I stopped using the word “cheek” in class, even if it’s your face cheek, because now it’s all I think about when I say “Turn your cheek to the other side.” 😳 

But seriously, there have been numerous times a pose has felt totally different in my body, just by a teacher telling me to press into my heel or to “reach my chest forward toward the mirror before I twist into crescent lunge.” Seriously though, I had been practicing for like 5 years, and one day that clicked. 

My favorite accidental outcome…. Falling asleep in savasana. It could be me doing it or it could be you. But, it’s my favorite thing ever. It’s always a little chaotic to wake up in a state of panic wondering how long I’d been asleep for and if someone locking me in the studio. 

Jumping our feet back to the back of our mat to Taylor Swift

Lastly, another NFL wife named Kristin Juszczyk is the designer behind Taylor Swift’s famous puffy 87 coat. The accidental outcome of cutting up Taylor’s boyfriend's jersey and making it into a jacket!?! (FYI, she’s made tons of custom sports stuff for herself and others, like Simone Biles - who also has an NFL hubby.) Kristin has now received a licensing deal with the NFL. She’s been making these awesome custom NFL fashions for 5 seasons. 

Let’s pause for a moment, are these all accidental outcomes, or did luck and opportunity meet? 

Where can you get present to accidental outcomes and create an opportunity moving forward - whether it’s feeling more grounded in crescent lunge, adding some levity on a day you feel liek sh*t, or discovering something new in your life?

These unexpected twists and turns can become opportunities for growth, laughter, and a touch of unintentional brilliance. Embrace the chaos, find the humor, and discover the accidental magic in your own journey through yoga and mindfulness. 

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