New Year, Same You

Welcome to the first of the new weekly Wednesday Newsletter: The YES Entrepreneurial Mindset.  Honestly, this has been in the works for a long time, even though it might seem brand new. This year is my 10th year as an entrepreneur, and what I’ve come to realize is I’ve surrounded myself with other entrepreneurs and like-minded people. Here’s what I’ve learned: we are stressed, passionate, and make SO MANY F*CKING DAILY DECISIONS, OMG! 

What I also find interesting about this “brand new newsletter” is that I’ve been writing a blog on and off since 2011 (unless you count my middle school diary - thank god all of that has been rebranded to “journaling.”) Honestly though, I still am all up in my head and have total imposter syndrome when it comes to being an “author,” but writing these emails and the YESyoga blog is such a fun creative exercise for me. I do struggle a lot with “proper sentence formatting,” whatever that means, luckily the book I wrote YOU have to write in, ha! Plus, Grammarly saves my a** on the daily, TBH. 

If you’re reading this and you’re not an entrepreneur - DON’T STOP READING. I believe you can have an entrepreneurial mindset and still work for someone else or run your household. It’s all about action and taking charge of your purpose. 

This newsletter is for you if you’re goal-oriented, task-driven, stressed out, and most importantly passionate about what you’re up to. It’s time to check into what’s possible and check out of what’s holding you back. 

It’s time to take a reality inventory of what you’re actually doing, what needs to be done, and where you can shift your focus. 

Just like YESyoga’s Friday Newsletter (read last week’s here), each week will bring you fun facts, case studies, business development, and information that will boost you creatively, purposefully, intentionally, and most importantly mindfully - and all of it will be centered around business and entrepreneurship. And, because I love to intentionally connect everything I do, this newsletter will also include information from my podcast, Unburdedend by Hope, and my book, The Possibility Project.

We are kicking this first newsletter off with the basics - self-awareness: New Year, Same You.

When the calendar changed, you didn’t. The piles of challenges, whether financial, team, personal habits, delegating, etc didn’t vanish with the number “3.” So, while the desire for a fresh start is admirable, it’s crucial to recognize that meaningful change requires consistent effort, not just a calendar flip.

Instead of waiting for a specific day or month to initiate change, recognize that every day is an opportunity for renewal. January 1st is not a magical moment; every waking hour offers a chance to make a new choice to work towards your goal. 

As we embark on this new year, it’s essential to embrace our whole selves. The question isn’t about becoming a whole new person, boss, or business owner, but about evolving and refinding who we are. Acknowledge your strengths, work on areas of improvement, and set goals that align with realistic actions.

This week take a REALITY INVENTORY. Ask yourself: What’s working and not working? What don’t you like doing, and what do you love to do? Then, you can craft your goals and intentions for the year ahead. 

So, what are you bringing into 2024 - the good, the bad, the courageous, the challenging? Remember, the key is not to discard your past self but to consciously choose the person you want to become. Share your goals and intentions - I’d love to hear from you. Stay courageous, capable, and strong!

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