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Movement | Productivity | Creativity | Purpose

Are you ready to tap into your potential and see what’s possible? Do you feel like you could use some accountability to help reach your goals?

It’s time to prioritize your inner work so that your outer work comes a little easier. Create a shift in your perspective to bring more joy & ease back into your life while developing purposeful healthy and creative habits! This Lifestyle Program, with the workbook included, focuses on movement, productivity, creativity, and purpose. Find new ways to create goals, find success, and feel fulfilled instead of depleted so that you can stop self-sabotage and ignite joy and ease back into your life!

It's up to you to do the work, but we will be there to guide you along the way!
*What’s different this time: we are adding a whole new personalized accountability component. You pick 30 Days or 90 Days and get committed to living your YES life.

What's Included


The program includes a 30-day workbook filled with calendar, journal questions, and more.

-30 Day Participants include 3 group meetings, and 90 Day Participants include 6 group meetings
- Personalized Accountability Program with SMS reminders and calendar opt-in!

- Yoga classes are NOT included in the pricing of this program.


The Possibility Project Workbook will be your guide post of this program. Each section is based on movement, creativity, productivity, and purpose to help refine and create intention in your life.

Workbook includes:

- Creating and tracking your goals

- End-of-Week & End-of-Month reflection

- Tracking your movement with your energy

- Inspiration and thought starters

- Self-care check-in



Program begins January 23rd

GROUP MEETINGS Sundays 11am to 12pm
-January 23rd
-February 6
-February 20
-March 13* (The following 3 meetings are for 90 Day Participants only)
-April 3
-April 24


- 30 Day Program $149 ($119 YESmember) *Early Bird Pricing: $125 ($99 YESmember) until January 9th

- 90 Day Program $399 ($349 YESmember) *Early Bird Pricing: $359 ($299 YESmember) until January 9th

-Yoga classes are NOT included in the pricing of this program. No refunds or exchanges once program begins.