yoga for beginners

These classes are for you if you're new to yoga or want to learn the fundamentals!

What you're getting:

Access to our semi-private beginner classes. Now available Saturdays 12:00pm - 12:45pm.

What you'll learn:

You'll learn the fundamentals of how to move through a vinyasa-based yoga class. This beginner program is for you if you've never done yoga before, you want to learn more of the fundamentals, or if you have a specific injury.

You'll receive more personalized attention, including hands on assisting, and more personalized information on how postures work for your body.


Just like any other modality of movement, you've got to courageously jump in. While there can be a learning curve, we suggest you just get started.

These beginner friendly class sizes are intentionally small (only 3 people per class) so that you can really learn the fundamentals of the postures and how they work for your body.


Don't forget some of these postures are things you've never done before and they might fire up some muscles you forgot about.... you're going to get sweaty and sore, but don't stop!

Take one of our rest-based classes and jump back in, it's just your body remind you it hasn't moved like that before.

In order to best support your practice, be sure and take your rest and recovery seriously. This is actually when you'll see the best results.

Class Cancellation policy specific to beginner small groups

12-hour cancellation policy

Unlike our regular group yoga classes, due to the small size of these classes we have a 12-hour cancellation policy. If you are unable to cancel your class before 12-hrs prior to class you will forfeit one class from your class package.

Questions or more information

Contact us at or send us a text to (210) 741 - 8547